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Uncover The Car Shipping Secrets...
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Here Are The Secrets You Will Discover When You Get A Free Car Shipping Quote...
These secrets will not be found anywhere else.  Most car shipping brokers outright lie to you about these things on their website and in their sales pitch.
  • Secret #1  Car Shipping Brokers Aren't Insured:  Licensed, Bonded, and Insured! These are the buzzwords that nearly EVERY broker uses. But do they really protect you? We tell you how to know if your broker REALLY has insurance. 
  • Secret #2 Most Car Transport Damages Aren't Paid: One of the biggest lies in the car shipping industry is, "If anything happens to your car, it's covered." Unfortunately, this is a lie and a sales technique. We show you how you can protect yourself from this happening to you.
  • Secret #3 Truck Drivers Insurance Has LOTS Of Exclusions: Just because a driver has insurance, doesn't mean he has a good policy.  Did you know that every policy has exclusions?  This means a driver can damage your car and his insurance will still deny the claim.  We show you how to protect yourself from this.
Car Shipping Brokers Aren't Insured...
Nearly EVERY car shipping broker advertises that they are insured, but are they really?  Over 97% are lying when they say they are.  And if your damage is less than $2,500, then the driver's insurance won't cover it either!

When you get your quote from Mr. Car Shipper, you will get access to a FREE 20 minute webinar that teaches you what you MUST know before hiring a car shipping broker.

Why Mr. Car Shipper?

  • Mr. Car Shipper has Insurance that protects your car called Contingent Cargo Insurance. We don't rely on the truck driver's insurance to provide adequate coverage.
  • ​Mr. Car Shipper doesn't play the "bait and switch" pricing games that many brokers in the industry are known for.
  • ​Mr. Car Shipper has dispatchers available nights and weekends if you have an issue with your delivery.
  •  Mr. Car Shipper has an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • ​Mr. Car Shipper has a real office in Omaha, Nebraska with a real staff of people. Many brokers have 1-3 people that work out of a home or apartment. (See our Google Business Listing HERE).
  • ​Mr. Car Shipper manages your shipment from quote to delivery. Most brokers just match you with a driver and disappear as soon as the order is placed with a driver.
  • ​Mr. Car Shipper has protections in place for you if your car sustains damage. Most damages do not qualify for insurance claims. With Mr. Car Shipper, your risk is significantly reduced because of our protections.

Do Not Go ANY Further Until You Read This!

From The Desk Of Jerry Teeter

CEO, Mr. Car Shipper

What if I told you that a vast majority of the car shipping industry was setting you up to be taken advantage of during your vehicle transportation process?

Sounds Crazy, right?

Over 95% of the industry operates and promotes TWO major flaws that drastically increase your risk of losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
I started in this industry 17 years ago with a pickup truck and small car trailer. I got my broker's license as eBay Motors was in the early stages and before it was normal to buy a car from five States away, sight unseen.

As car shipping has become a normal part of people's lives, I have seen the number of dishonest and shady broker firms sky-rocket. Between lead generation websites that simply sell your information and high volume broker firms, it is nearly impossible to find an honest, ethical, and trustworthy broker simply through a Google search. 

That's why referrals from trusted partners like PODS, UPack, and AHRN are extremely valuable...they've already done the vetting for you!

The information on this page pulls back the curtain on the ugly secrets of the car shipping industry that put you at risk. If you find this information useful and trustworthy, then I ask you to allow Mr. Car Shipper to protect you by managing your car transport on your behalf.
Thank you and we look forward to serving you soon.
Jerry Teeter, CEO
Mr. Car Shipper

Sneak Peak:  Secrets The Car Shipping Industry Doesn't Want You To Know

Secret #1

Most Damages Do NOT Get Paid

Secret #2

Bait and Switch Pricing

Secret #3

Most Brokers Are Not Insured

What People Are Saying about Mr. Car Shipper

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★★★★★ October 2018

Mr. Car Shipper was a little more expensive than elsewhere, but you get what you pay for. The service was great and our car made it in good time with no damage. Overall we were very happy with our experience.
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Allison Jane Shultz

★★★★★ November 2018

Fantastic service, shipped much faster than expected. The customer service is very easy to access and I'd definitely use Mr. Car Shipper again.
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Robert Finlay

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Is My Car Really Insured?

Who Carries The Insurance While The Car Is Being Transported?

  • ​"Licensed and Insured" or "Bonded" are used by many auto transport companies. What does that mean?
  • ​Auto Transport Brokers are not required to carry any insurance that protects you, the consumer.  
  • ​Carriers are only required by law to have liability Insurance, which does not cover the cars they are hauling.  
  • ​​Nearly all truck drivers do carry "cargo" or load insurance but that amount ranges from $100k-$250k with $2,500-$5,000 deductibles!

So What Does This Mean?

  • ​​Most auto transport damages that occur are minor and fall under the $2,500 deductible amount that most drivers have.  
  • ​Regardless, the trucker is responsible for paying the first $2,500 of any damage and most Brokers do not have protections in place for you to get that paid.

Mr. Car Shippers Promise!

  • ​​Mr. Car Shipper guarantees that our customers will not be responsible for the carrier's deductible. If there is a damage claim, we manage the process on your behalf.   
  • ​Regardless, the trucker is responsible for paying the first $2,500 of any damage and most Brokers do not have protections in place for you to get that paid.
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